Who Is Alonzo Menifield Wife Crystal Menifield?

Crystal Menifield is the beautiful wife of Alonzo Menifield. Although there is no detailed information about her, Alonzo shares their moments on his Instagram.

He met his wife, Crystal, while attending Texas A&M Commerce. They knew each other back then, and that was the end of it.

Menifield is currently living in Plano with his family of five. 

After that, Alonzo began liking her Instagram photos, and they ultimately spoke with one another.

As things progressed, he requested her phone number, and they developed a connection in the interim.

After going on a couple of dates after that, they were married after a three-year wait.

As a result, they now have three children: Alonzo Jr. Menifield and Xavier Menifield, two sons, and Zola Ann Menifield, a daughter.

Crystal, her mother was kidnapped when she was young. Menifield has overcome his tragic past and tribulations to become an unbeaten fighter, which she finds amusing and encouraging.

Meet Alonzo Menifield Parents- Early Life

Alonzo Menifield is 32 years old and was born in Dallas, Texas, on October 18, 1987. Menifield and his brother, Cecil, were separated from their mother when they were eleven years old because she was entangled in the drug trade.

Unfortunately, he never meets his biological father because he died when he was a teenager.

His mother, according to reports, was a Belizean immigrant who turned to drugs after his father died. He wasn't the only child, though; Cecil Menifield, his older brother, was also present.

Similarly, after a drug-fueled highway encounter, his biological father was shot by Los Angeles police officers. Three years later, he met Godwin Ezenwa, his adoptive father, who changed the course of a troubled teen's life.

Net Worth Revealed

In 2016, he received a UFC deal for the light heavyweight class after only two amateur matches. Before MMA, he was a football league linebacker who later turned to Saekson's Muay Thai.

Alonzo Menifield's net worth is now projected to be $0.2 million, with career earnings of $1,62,500.

His annual income is also $ 41,500 on average.