Who Is Horacio Villalobos? Edad And Wikipedia Explored

Horacio Villalobos's edad is fifty-one years. He was born on November 8, 1970, in Mexico City. 

The actor is from a huge political family. His grandfather Antonio I. Villalobos was a powerful Mexican political leader and lawyer.

The hunger for being an actor has stuck in his mind since childhood. To fulfill his dream career, he initially studied theater in Mexico with Jose Luis Ibanez.

Later, he moved to Oxford, England, to study. Due to family circumstances, Horacio studied law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Currently, the actor is busy in his professional life. He updates his ongoing works through his verified Instagram handle @horacitu_oficial, which amasses 426k followers.

Explore Horacio Villalobos Net Worth 

The estimated net worth of Horacio Villalobos is one million to five million dollars. The Mexican actor has earned both fame and wealth in his career.

The actor debuted his career by appearing on the news channel Noticias ECO. He has credits for more than a dozen TV Episodes for nine TV series. 

After ending his most talked about Comedy act Desde Gayola in 2006, he toured the country with his theater show, Una Vez Desde Gayola.

Besides acting in movies and television, he is an amateur theater actor. His most talked-about theater act is his recent work, "The boys of the band" Tetra Xola.

Being fifty-one years edad, the actor is still fit and active. Horacio will increase his cash flow in the coming future as he is still working in his profession.

Who Is Horacio Villalobos Partner?

Horacio is currently single and has no previous relationship records. However, the actor has introduced himself to the LQBTQ family.

Villalobos is openly homosexual. In other words, the actor is attracted to the same sex. 

However, he does not often talk about it. The actor does not find anything abnormal for what he is and is proud of himself. 

He was awarded the Maguey Award for Queer Icon at the Guadalajara Film Festival. 

Horacio is probably waiting for someone who loves and cares him for what he is. One day, he will surely meet his soulmate.