Did James Reynolds Leave Days Of Our Lives?

So far as we know, James Reynolds did not leave Days of Our Lives.

Although the confusion is quite surreal as Abe Carver was the first victim of serial killer Salem and was severely injured.

Many fans doubt that Carver could survive it and Days of Our Lives pays a heartfelt tribute on the show and off the show whenever a cast leaves.

All these coincided with the 40 year anniversary of Reynold on the show. The show honoured James with a special episode and special treatment outside the show and on the social media platform.

Fans could have mistaken this as his tribute to his departure now that his character is injured. Until there is any confirmation from the show's executives, there is no correct answer as to if Reynolds is leaving the show. However, until now he is still on the show.

Does James Reynolds/Abe Carver Have Cancer?

No, neither James Reynolds nor Abe Carver has cancer but he does have a heart situation which troubles his health sometimes.

The wife of Abe Carver, Lexie Carver died of cancer in the show in 2012. Also, Abe fell down during his walk in the park in the latest episode suggesting he has cancer.

Although James does have a heart condition, he does not have any type of cancer.

James Reynolds Health Update 2021: Where Is He Now?

James Reynolds is fit and his heart is running perfectly well as of the current times and Reynolds himself keeps his audience updated on his health.

On his birth, he had a heart disease called pulmonary valve stenosis in which one of the pulmonary valves is severely contracted to reduce the blood flow. 

He had multiple surgeries and an open heart surgery which all went well as he updated on his Twitter at @jreynoldsjames.