Does B Scott Have A Husband?

No, there is no specific information from where we could prove that B Scott has a husband in recent times.

Brandon Scott Sessoms, popularly known as B Scott has been quite straightforward regarding their personal life but their relationship status is unknown yet.

This 40-year-old media personality has not shared anything about their romantic life even on their social media handles to date.

They have opened up about themselves as transgender/non-binary several years back and they are yet to identify their love interest over time.

Since 2021, they also declared their pronoun that should be used by another person while addressing them and it has been a very brave move.

B Scott Before Transgender Photos 

B Scott has been quite open about their past life and there are some photos of them before revealing themselves as transgender.

Although their social media handles, especially Instagram @bscott have been quite silent regarding it, we can find them elsewhere.

During their teenage years, there was an experience about some changes in their feelings but they were unable to identify what that was.

Some years later, they came out as gay and were under the thought of having a physical and sexual attraction towards males.

But their attraction towards any person has been nonbinary right now and there is no exact picture of them being with any other person now.

How Much Is B Scott Worth In 2021?

The net worth of B Scott is currently under the estimation of around $500,000 - $1 million as of 2021.

They have been operating the YouTube channel as well as a website called where they have been uploading video blogs.

This method of engagement has been utterly beneficial for them and they have been successful in generating quite a handsome income to date.

Likewise, they invite several high-profile guests in their video interviews which gets mostly on YouTube and they are getting beautiful responses too.

Moreover, they have been able to prove themselves through several other platforms too that they are fierce and possess strong willpower and ability.