Howie Long Surgery Update: What Happened To Him?  

Howie Long recently got surgery which kept him out of television for some time. 

News site sportscasting confirmed that  Long underwent minor surgery. However, the details regarding his health problem are undisclosed to date. 

Howie got injured multiple times during his sporting career, and he may not have fully recovered from those ailments.

Back in 1986, Howie had bruises on his knees and went to the hospital for treatment. During the week, he had his blood extracted multiple times.

There were reports that he underwent surgery, but as of now, the information remains under wraps. According to the orthopedic surgeon, the procedure was minor and only required three sutures.

Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox NFL Sunday? Is He Sick? 

Howie Long was absent from Fox NFL Sunday for some time due to medical reasons. 

But, just a few weeks later, he was back in action on NFL Sunday, looking perfectly healthy. Howie discussed the weekend's most heated matchup, between the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs, on the show.

In his typical fashion, he offered direct facts and gave his assessment of the match. It was strange not to see Howie and Terry Bradshaw and their shenanigans on the program together.

Countless viewers wished to see Howie return to the show as the show was no longer the same without him. Nonetheless, when he returned to the scene, the audience breathed a sigh of relief.

Is Howie Long Still On Fox Sports Or Did He Leave? 

Howie Long is still on Fox Sports as he recently came back to work after the surgery. To date, there are no reports of him leaving the show or the channel. 

The analyst has had problems with his left knee for some time. But still, the cause of his absenteeism has yet to be determined.

But one thing is certain: he is back on the screen. And, for the time being, we believe he will not be absent for a long time.