Who Are Ian Thorpe And Alan Thorpe? Graham Thorpe Siblings

Ian Thorpe And Alan Thorpe are siblings of famous England coach Graham Thorpe.

Graham is an ex-English cricketer who played over test matched with a left-handed middle-batsman. In 1988, he debuted for Surrey and scored a century, setting a record.

Ian Thorpe, a retired swimmer, has won five Olympic gold medals, recording the most gold medal won by Australians. He was the youngest male representative from Australia when he was 14 years old.

Likewise, Alan Thorpe is a media commentator who is also a founder of The Marngrrok Footy Show, a hit radio show in the 1990s.

Ian Thorpe And Alan Thorpe Age Wikipedia

Ian Thorpe, 39, and Alan Thorpe, 53, are available on Wikipedia.

Both are Australian sports stars. Talking to Ian, he has won gold medals at World Championship eleven times, making him the 5th highest number of gold medals male swimmer.

In 1992, Alan Thorpe played for three games. He was at the top in the 1991 Mid-Season Draft. Moreover, he worked as a radio commenter on 3KND and the National Indigenous Radio Service network.

Alan was born on 18 October 1968. Similarly, Ian was born on 13 October 1982 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The athletic brothers have made history with their skills.

Ian Thorpe And Alan Thorpe Parents-Who Are They?

Ian Thorpe and Alan Thorpe share the same parents as they are brothers.

As reported on Wikipedia, Ian grew up under the supervision of a sporting family. Ken's father was a former junior lever cricketer who represented Bankstown District Cricket Club in Sydney's district competition.

Their supportive parents helped them in every circumstance in their life.

Further information regarding their parents is not available on social media.

Ian Thorpe And Alan Thorpe Net Worth

As reported on sources, Ian Thorpe has an estimated net worth of $2 million. At the same time, Alan Thorpe has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Both of them are well-known in the sports field. Besides, they might be involved in endorsing brands and advertisements.

Ian is one of the best swimmers in his country, specializing in freestyle.