Is Erik Adelsohn On Wikipedia? 

No, Erik Adelsohn, an entrepreneur/businessman who invests in real estate and IT businesses, is not yet on Wikipedia.

Adelsohn is one of the authors at the Lennart Sane Agency, founded in 1969 in Sweden, representing the literary rights of agents, authors, and publishers.

Moreover, Erik has penned his story in a book named Lärjungen and shared how he overcame his depression with yoga and meditation and getting into a tantric school.

Erik Adelsohn Age: How Old Is He?

Since the author's appearance, Erik Adelsohn has not revealed his age but seems to be around 25-35 years old.

As Erik's lifespan is missing on the internet, we are unsure of the entrepreneur's actual date of birth. As per one of his Instagram posts, on August 20, 2020, the entrepreneur bought himself a yacht as a birthday gift.

Furthermore, Adelsohn has opened up about his battle with depression and how he went through status hunting, performance anxiety, and constant stress to achieve new material goals in his life.

Erik Adelsohn Wife: Is He Married?

As Erik Adelsohn has not tied the knot with anyone yet, the businessman does not have a wife.

Adelsohn has not shared any posts of him getting married or walking down the aisle with a beautiful lady on his social networking sites.

Thus, we can presume that Erik is single, and Lärjungen's author might be searching for a life partner to spend the rest of her life happily together with unconditional love and support.

Erik Adelsohn Net Worth 2022

The estimated net worth of Erik Adelsohn might be around $500,000 to $1 million as of 2022.

Although Erik has kept the details of his earnings and assets confidential, the businessman might have summed up a good amount of money for future reference.

Also, considering the lifestyle of Adelsohn through his social media platform, Lärjungen's author seems to be making good memories with his family and friends and enjoying every moment.

Erik Adelsohn has shared pictures with his family members on his Instagram, which goes by the username @erikadelsohn.

Adelsohn is a family guy who often loves spending quality time with his loved ones; however, the entrepreneur has kept the names of his dad and mom unrevealed. Furthermore, Erik has a sister named Ebba Adelsohn Didring.