John Ruiz Miami Net Worth Is In Billions

According to Forbes, Miami-based Attorney John Ruiz is set to be worth over $20 billion. There is no doubt that Ruiz's bank balance will increase after launching a massive football stadium.

Meanwhile, he is now listed as one of the richest personalities with a tremendous fortune. Apart from that, his other source of income comes from being an attorney.

Additionally, the average salary of an attorney in the United States is $87,021. So, Ruiz must be making over the average pay as he has been doing this for many years.

He has settled various cases, worked with numerous figures, and won the battle, which helped him increase his earning.

Details On John Ruiz Football Stadium Plan Cost

Recently, John Ruiz made it clear he and his family were ready to support the UM athletic department moving forward essentially. Politically connected lawyer Ruiz planned to build a football stadium for the University of Miami near its Coral Gables campus.

Likewise, he also validated to the Miami Herald in an interview that he's interested in making a stadium at Coral Gables Senior High School. The report says he is currently investigating other places to build a new Coral Gables High School before beginning the stadium project.

As per 247 sports, Ruiz and his three children plan to finance the entire scheme for the university, which would cost anywhere from $350-400 million. 

Insights On John Ruiz Wife and Family 

John Ruiz and his wife Sandra together have three children named Johnny, Alex, and Cristy, all UM alums. The happy family lives a lavish life as they have massive earning.

Apart from that, Ruiz's parents Nelida and Emeterio Ruiz, are Cuban immigrants who came to America to give their children a better life. Furthermore, he attended the University of Miami and ova Southeastern University.