Who Is Michelle Skewes From Ballarat? Jon Seccull Wife

Michelle Skewes, a Victorian woman, is a brave survivor of years of sexual abuse and rape at the hands of her former husband Jon Seccull. 

Mr. Seccull often pimped her to other men and secretly live-streamed to watch her being abused. He would threaten to punish her if she did not comply, as per Daily Mail

But he would end up punishing her even when she obeyed out of fear of her life. At one point, he pointed a gun at Skewes before removing the bullet and throwing it at her head.

He said she wasn't even worth the cost of a bullet. In another incident, the former corrections officer threatened Skewed to shoot himself in the view of their children. 

Ms. Skewes gave permission to publish her name in the hope that it would inspire other women to fight back and take control of their lives.

Judge Frank Gucciardo sentenced Seccull to a total of 15 years. He has to spend ten and a half years before he can apply for parole for sexual violence against his wife. 

He pleaded guilty to nine counts of rape, two counts of assault, and one charge of threatening to inflict serious injury.  

How Old Is Michelle Skewes? Age & Family Explored

Michelle Skewes, whose age appears between 35-45 years old, has not disclosed any information about her family. 

But she is a mother. She met her former husband at age 19. Both of them were volunteers of the local fire department and eventually tied the knot. 

Meet Michelle Skewes On Instagram

Michelle Skewes is not active on Instagram or any other social networking sites like Twitter for that matter. 

Given her circumstances, it's understandable why she is not on any social media platforms. 

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