Who Is Kyle Coetzer Wife Sarah Louise? Details To Know

Kyle Coetzer wife is Sarah Louise.

Kyle and his wife Sarah run a coaching institution together in Scotland. Sarah is the personal assistant and manages schedules and all the paperwork in Kyle Coetzer Cricket Coaching.

He coaches alongside his brother Shaun Coetzer who is also a level-2 qualified cricket coach. He is also one of the owners of Zeus Cricket.

Coetzer married his wife Sarah somewhere around 6-8 years ago.

Who Are Kyle Coetzer Parents?

Peter Coetzer, father and Megan Coetzer are the parents of the Coetzer brothers.

Kyle's father Peter played professional cricket for the Stoneywood-Dyce Cricket Club.  Grant Dugmore, his uncle is a known cricket player in Argentina who also plays for Eastern Province, South Africa.

Kyle's parents handed him a bat when he was still young. With a cricket passionate family, he picked up on the sport quite quickly. 

Now, Kyle himself is a parent of two.

Meet Kyle Coetzer Children And Family On Instagram

The Instagram posts of Kyle Coetzer are always two things, cricket and his family.

Kyle has two daughters around the age of 5-10 years old. So far his daughters do not play cricket but the genetics could act up later in their adolescence too.

You can follow Coetzer on Instagram at @meergoose11.

How Rich Is Kyle Coetzer? Net Worth Explored

Kyle Coetzer is the caption of the national Scottish team. So, he is definitely a rich person.

SQAF estimated the average salary of a cricket player from £50,000 to £100,000 annually. Considering that he is the captain of the national team, his salary could be well above £100,000.

He was a captain of the U-15, U-17 AND U-19 teams as well. He also captained for the Pokhara Rhinos in the Nepalese cricket league, Everest Premiership League. 

Coetzer was continuously chosen as captain from ODI matches to the world cup continuously. Considering his success consistency as a cricket player, his net worth is definitely luxurious compared to others.