Who Is Levi Stevens?

Levi Stevens is known to the public as the son of popular singer Jon Stevens. He has been associated with his father's name all his life, and he is okay with that.  

Growing up with constant media attention was not easy for Levi. But as his father is one of the best singers from New Zealand, he couldn't have avoided attention. 

There is not much information on the personal life of Levi. He grew up in a music-based family, so he started loving music early. His current profession is not known.

How Old Is Levi Stevens? Wikipedia Details Explored

According to online sources, Levi is the only child of singer Jon Stevens. The family-based in New Zealand is known because of the works of the singer. 

The details of the age Levi are unavailable. But since the media constantly reports upon the Stevens family, we will get the details soon. We will inform you of the details as soon as something conclusive is reported. 

Levi does not have a bio in Wikipedia. But since his father's bio is not descriptive, he does not get a mention there as well.

Levi Stevens Mother And Siblings

Jon and Levi's mother, Tracey, got married in the late 1990s. The couple stayed together for some time before deciding to split. 

According to the internet, the couple got divorced in 2007. But despite their split, the couple was actively involved in Levi's life. Since both of them deeply loved their son, they did not let their divorce affect the growing up of Levi. 

There is no information about any sibling of Levi. Because of the lack of information, we are led to believe that Levi is the couple's only child. 

Levi Stevens Net Worth

Currently, we do not know the profession of Levi. He might be working in the music field, following in his father's footsteps. 

Since we don't know his profession, it is impossible to approximate his net worth. However, we will notify you as soon as something occurs.