Who Is Marcelo Rojo Girlfriend Erika Fernandez?

Marcelo Rojo is in a relationship with Erika Fernandez. He says himself a lucky person to get the hand of Erika. With Erika, he felt a happy place on earth.

Analyzing Rojo and Erika's profiles, they may have started dating in 2019 as Rojo has posted her pictures in his accounts. Nowadays, He keeps focused on his games, so there is no post on Erika.

Marcelo Rojo Parents And Ethnicity

Marcelo Rojo was born to supporting parents whose names are unknown. The MMA fighter has not revealed the name of his parents but has posted her mother's picture on his social account.

Also, Rojo has a great passion for fights, but also it is his medium to provide for his family. Also, fights are fun and make him happy and, it is the entertainment source for his fan and support for his teammate.

Additionally, Rojo's love for his parents is indefinite. As we can see, he has lots of tattoos on his body, but the one which is a script on his right side means a lot to Rojo as it is a sign of his grandfather protecting him from heaven.

Marcelo Rojo Age On Wikipedia

Marcelo Rojo was born in Rio Cuarto, Argentina, on July 2, 1998. He will be 33 years old in February 2022.

He's kept his body in shape like a fighter. He weighs 135 pounds and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. Further, he got the nickname Pitbull from his first boxing training master.

Further, Rojo was problematic from a young age. He always used to fight in the streets. Also, he used to play sports like basketball and football, but he fights during each game. 

He keeps on fighting, so he leads himself to the way of fight that pays him for his work. He entered MMA at the age of 16 by joining a kickboxing gym near his home. 

In the battle, he hates to get hit by someone so used to punch like a crazy man, like he is trying to kill them. According to his couch, he behaves like a Pitbull than a fighter. 

Marcelo Rojo Net Worth

Marcelo Rojo Net worth is tentative. He has not made his earnings public. Although he has not mentioned his salary, we can estimate from his profession.

Moreover, a fighter earns between $500000 to $3000000 per game, and he has won a total of sixteen games. Also, Rojo has won the games, with the fighters Fabio Enrique, Mauro Seoane, Willian Viana, Antonio Chavez, Junior Banegas, Fabio Oliveria, Enrique Silva, and so on. 

So his earnings may be beyond our estimation. Further, his next fight is with Phillips in Bantamweight Houston.