MAFS: Michael Morency Age: How Old Is He?

Michael Morency, a member of the MAFS cast, is 28 years old.

He was born in 1993, and, like Jasmina, his exact date of birth is unknown.

He works as a trainer in Boston and has lived there for an extended period, most likely since childhood.

Meet Michael Morency On Instagram

On Instagram, Michael goes under the name @michaeldmorency.

At the time of writing, his account, which has over 586 followers, was set to private.

With the show's premiere, we expect to see him on a photo-sharing platform with his impressive portfolio.

Michael Morency Sister And Family 

Sister of actor Michael Morency is yet to be revealed publicly.

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency are a 14th-season MAFS pair who joined the show in the hopes of finding their ideal partner.

Jasmina is a pre-school education instructor who is stunning. She has a soft spot for kids.

Michael Morency is a personal trainer that helps people live a healthy lifestyle and improve their physical condition.

Furthermore, for the time being, there are no further specifics about the couple. In their future program, we'll learn more about the couple.

After a poor experience in her last relationship, Jasmina Outar chose to participate in the show.

Michael, a part-time fitness coach, revealed that he is on the show because of his sister. He has also tried out many dating apps but has been disappointed.

Hopefully, this show will help Jasmina and Michael find a compatible companion.

Michael Morency Job

Michael Morency is a full-time actor at the moment.

Michael Morency's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Unfortunately, at this time, official sources have not confirmed his net worth estimate.

As a result, we can only guesstimate the figures based on his occupation and career.