Obituary: Sam Spear Death Cause 

According to chronicle, Sam Spear, a Bay Area sports promoter and broadcaster, died Saturday from the effects of the uncommon disease Sarcoidosis.

The loss of their close one saddens his family and close friend DiMaggio.

The cause of the disease is still unknown. Doctors believe that it is genetic, and Sam inherited the disease from his parents.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory illness that can affect one or more organs, although the lungs and lymph glands are usually affected. Inflammation causes abnormal tumors or nodules in one or more organs of the body.

These granulomas can alter the typical structure and function of the afflicted organ.

Sam Spear Wife And Children: Meet Them

Spear is married to his long-term companion Barbara O'Neill, and they have a daughter named Meghan Hanson.

Talking about his children, he has three stepchildren from his late wife Johanna: Bob Telles, Tracey Telles, and Rick Telles.

He has many of his family alongside who were there for him till his end. His sisters Donna Lopez, Mary Spear, Bonnie Koojoolian, Nancy Rogers, and Julie Thomas are a few.

Thomas Russell Spear was born in Oakland and reared in Alameda by his aunt and uncle. He attended St. Joseph's-Alameda and San Francisco State University, concentrating on speech.

Spear was known as Alameda Sam, while Speier was known as the Alameda Rifle.

Sam Spear Age & Net Worth Explored

Sam Spear took his last breath at the age of 72, surrounded by his close ones.

Sam Spear or any reliable news sources haven't discussed his net worth. Taking his profession as his account, we guess his net worth to be around the 100k mark.

Spear began a famous nightly rerun show on Channel 26 in 1978, which lasted until 2017. In recent years, Sam has presented "At the Track with Sam Spear" on KNBR on Sunday mornings.

Sam was a high school and college umpire who officiated games for numerous Bay Area youth league luminaries, including Chris Speier, Dennis Eckersley, and Bill Buckner. He was also a basketball official.