Who Is Rammel Chan Wife Feliciana Kathryn?

Rammel Chan is blissfully wedded to his ling time lover, Feliciana Kathryn. The couple tied knots on December 17, 2016. In a recent post on Rammel's Instagram, Chan wished his sweetheart a very anniversary and wanted to marry her a thousand times if he could.

The couple seems to be in a relationship for more than a decade. Rammel's first Instagram post back in 2013 was about Feliciana sleeping. Since then, the couple has been together for these great years.

Rammel's wife, Feliciana, is a teacher and has been teaching for many years. Rammel supports and admires his wife for dealing with all of the complexities of her teaching during the pandemic.

Unlike extrovert Rammel, Feliciana is reserved and keeps her personal life private. Kathryn's Instagram account is private, and she wants to live in her bubble happily.

The couple loves and respects each other professions and are living harmoniously.

Rammel Chan Age And Wikipedia Explored

Rammel Chan seems to be in his mid-thirties. However, his exact date of birth is not known yet. The actor of The Big Leap currently resides in Los Angeles, Unites States.

Rammel was probably born in the Philippines and later shifted to the USA to pursue his dream career, acting. Rammel has done his graduation with Bachelor in theatre from Columbia College Chicago.

More than a dozen times, the actor has been credited for his credited role in films and television. Rammel is a proud SAG-AFTRA and AEA member serving America to the fullest.

Watching Rammel grow and pave the path of success, his parents are super proud of their son's success.

Meet Rammel Chan, Daughter

Rammel and Feliciana are blessed with a daughter, Winter. Rammel and Feliciana's everything; Winter loves bakery items made by her sweet mother.

Winter has recently turned three years old and is all geared up to be pampered by her loving parents.

Rammel's Instagram, @rammelchan, features Winter's variety of pictures. The parents love to watch their daughter grow and glow.

Rammel Chan Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Rammel Chan is estimated to be range from five hundred thousand to one million dollars. However, actual cash flow is not known yet. His basic source of income is from the acting profession.

Besides acting, the actor is a writer and Comedian. Rammel is a freelancer and has written various writes, including the Kundiman Fiction fellowship, featured in Riksha Magazine and Asimov's Science fiction. 

Currently, Rammel is noting for Jackbox Games, which is "You don't know" Jack Series of quiz-based party video games and series.

As a comedian, he is a former member of Stir Friday Night and the sketch group Robot vs. Dinosaur. He has performed for Bb Curry Fellowship from The Second City and NBCUniversal.

The cash flow of Rammel will surely increase in the future as the actor loves his job and is active in the field.