Reddit: Bwipo Girlfriend Drama

Bwipo and his girlfriend drama are heavily being discussed on Reddit as of now. After FNATIC shared the news about Upset not playing in the tournament to attend to an urgent family matter, Bwipo tweets, "My girlfriend is amazing" to which she replied with a dot.

Later, his girlfriend also tweeted "wife buff is a debuff, fk that". In the heat of the moment, where the FNC announced the recently married Upset will not be in the tournament, such a tweet from her was claimed to be directed towards FNATIC's internal turmoil.

Thus, the CEO of FNATIC asked her to stop tweeting something that would hinder Upset's privacy and mislead other fans. However, later she blocked the CEO Sam Mathews on Twitter so that he would not see anything that she tweets. 

After that, her boyfriend also unfollowed many members of FNATIC and said that he wanted to take a break from social media, as per a source. But, it obviously directed that he was supporting his girlfriend.

His partner started to talk about their private affairs that added fuel to the fire. When the Twitter fans asked her when will she get married to him, she tweeted that her relationship already has a problem and she is not sure if she will continue the relationship. 

Disclosing sensitive information about her relationship in public raged many of Bwipo's fans. Fans speculated that he seemed sad during the game as well. 

Where the industry already sees gamers in a relationship as someone who would be distracted, this tweet from Adorable made her an enemy in the public eye. 

Who Is @adorablecarry?

@adorbalecarry is the girlfriend of Gabriel Bwipo who is a jungle for Fnatic. The pair had been in a relationship for the last 3 years. 

After the tournament ended, Bwipo is back on social media and now is justifying his actions and trying to save his girlfriend as well. In a thread, he shared that she was the one who had been supporting him all this time. 

And the reason why he unfollowed the Fnatic members was because he was upset with the internal management for some reason. As a result, some of the netizens are sorry for them.

Clarification On Bwipo and Adorable Carry Break Up Rumors

According to Bwipo, the breakup rumors are not true. In addition, what his girlfriend tweeted about their relationship was because she was fighting on her own with all the critics on the internet who treated her as a distraction for the player. 

She has made her social media, private, and the player also said he will be leaving FNATIC and will be leaving from social media for the infinite period and be with his girlfriend.