How Old Is Samuel Goergen From The Waltons: Homecoming?

The present age of Samuel Goergen from The Waltons: Homecoming is unknown.

Samuel's actual age and date of birth have not gotten revealed. However, considering his appearance, he might be around 8-15 years old.

Furthermore, little information regarding the young actor's educational background is available because he has yet to appear on Wikipedia or other internet sources.

Samuel Goergen Wikipedia Explored

Samuel Goergen is an actor who has not made it to the official page of Wikipedia.

The young actor has made his appearance in 19 movies and tv series, and he is best known for Stranger Things, Homesick (2018), and Roswell, New Mexico.

Goergen first appeared as Lawrence in Vampire Diaries in 2016, and he also portrayed the role of Fireworks Kid in one of Netflix's popular shows, Stranger Things.

Furthermore, Samuel can get spotted as Jim Bob Walton in The Waltons: Homecoming, Booder in Young Dylan, and Dan at noon EST for his 2021 series.

Who Are Samuel Goergen Parents?

The names of Samuel Goergen's parents are unknown.

The young actor's parents have not come out to the media, so their identities have remained unknown at the moment.

Furthermore, neither his father nor mother have managed their son's social media platforms like some other celebrity kids' parents do.

Samuel Goergen Net Worth And Instagram

The net worth of Samuel Goergen might be around $40,000 or more or less.

However, the actual net worth of the young actor is yet to disclose. Additionally, his assets have also remained a secret.

Even so, as an actor, Samuel might get well paid for the time and effort he has invested and receive a good paycheck for his hard work and dedication.

Samuel Goergen is not active on Instagram.

Goergen has kept himself away from the social media platforms, and he has no trace on Instagram and Twitter.

Maybe the actor has maintained a safe distance from the social networking sites to maintain good mental health. Possibly, he will create an account when he turns into a teenager or an adult.