Angela Black: Who Is Seth Stokes?

Seth Stokes is a child actor of Angela Black, where he plays the role of one of the children of Angela and Oliver Meyer.

The actor is said to deliver the prime role by Harry and Jack Williams, who is also the creator of Liars.

Max in the series is unfamiliar with his father's deed. If he had known, he would have protected his mother somehow.

The story's plot is that Max's mother, Angela, is approached by a private investigator, Ed, to reveal his husband's darkest secret.

Seth Stokes: Age And Wikipedia Explored

Seth Stokes is currently twelve years old. He was born on October 16, 2009.

Seth possesses a Libra zodiac sign. He is distinctive due to his unique appearance having blonde hair and blue eyes.

The child actor's basic information, including his education, is not revealed yet. However, he currently seems to be enrolled at a local school in grade six.

Having an interest in acting, Stokes joined Young Actor's Theatre and is a part of it.

The young actor has justified the character of Max in the drama.

Who Are Seth Stokes Parents?

As told earlier, Seth's information is not yet revealed in front of the camera. His parents are probably British.

The child actor is getting immense support from his parents. His parents are the ones who guide him to take to the acting.

Besides Seth, his parents have another child named Clement Stokes. The brother duo is seen on the screen of Angela Black together as reel brothers too.

The duo is expected to be famous in the coming days.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Seth Stokes?

Seth Stokes is estimated to have a net worth of twenty-five thousand dollars. However, his exact worth value is not known yet.

Seth is a novice to the industry and has only worked on a project. However, he seems to be an emerging actor in the coming days.

The lifestyle of the child actor could not be predicted, as he has no official social media accounts. He is expected to be appearing on various social media platforms after being renowned in the coming days.

His income will increase in the coming days as Seth is still working and is expecting grand projects in the coming days.