The Envoys: Who Is Armando Espitia? Wikipedia Explored

Armando Espitia is an actor who has his biography featured on the Spanish version of Wikipedia.

Espitia made his first appearance in the television world with the role of Heli in Heli in 2013, directed by Amat Escalante.

Henceforth, the actor has appeared in 22 movies and tv series, and he is best known for starring as Iván in I Carry You with Me, Ernesto in Our Mothers, and Bolinas in El Recluso.

In addition, Armando made his American tv debut with Texas Rising in 2015, and he also founded a theater company named Conejo con hurry with other young actors. 

Armando Espitia Edad: How Old Is He?

The present age of Armando Espitia is 31 years old.

According to a source, the actor was born in 1991 in Mexico City.

Furthermore, going through his social media platforms, it seems like he celebrates his birthday on the 1st of October every passing year.

In addition, Armando studied violin at Galindo Youth Symphony Orchestra till 2000. Later he attended the Centro University of the Arts and dropped out in the 2nd semester to film his first project, Heli.

Armando Espitia Net Worth

Armando Espitia might have an estimated net worth of around $300,000 to $450,000.

Espitia has not shed light on his earnings and kept the information of his wealth under a closed book.

As a result, Armando's total assets have remained a mystery to the media, and he may earn more or less than the estimated sum.

Furthermore, he might get well paid as an actor for the hard work and dedication he has invested in his play to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Armando Espitia Girlfriend

Armando Espitia has not shed light on his girlfriend.

The actor has kept his private life matters confidential from the media and maintained his professionalism.

As a result, it is unclear whether Espitia is single or in a relationship with a beautiful lady who keeps their relationship private from the public to enjoy their privacy.

Meet Armando Espitia On Instagram

Armando Espitia is active on Instagram. Therefore, The actor is available on IG under the handle @armandoespitiaa.

Armando has 5.2k followers on his Instagram account and has made 363 posts as of the 19th of January 2022.

Espitia often shares his way of living life and makes his followers and well-wishers aware of his series through the social media platform.