Basketball: Who Is Ty Dittmer?

Ty Dittmer is a basketball player who plays for Nevada.

As Dittmer has not made it to the official page of Wikipedia, not much information about him is available on the internet.

However, the athlete is a senior who plays as a team guard, and his name is all over the internet as an incident took place where his opponent from Carlisle punched him for no specific reason.

Carter Prenosil Attack Video On Ty Dittmer

Recently a video has gone viral as Carter Prenosil can be spotted attacking Carter Prenosil.

In the video, Carter attacked his fellow opponent Ty Dittmer. He first punched Dittmer in the stomach and later in the face.

The incident took place during a match against Carlisle Wildcats and Nevada. The wildcat threw a punch to his Nevada opponent while the fellow teams exchanged handshakes after the game.

The incident might have happened because Nevada won its season opener with 72-47 points, and they started its season with a 1-0 record, whereas Carlisle is 0-2.

How Old Is Ty Dittmer?

The present age of Ty Dittmer might be around 14-18 years old.

The athlete's actual age and date of birth are missing on the internet. However, considering his appearance, he seems to be in his teens.

Furthermore, according to MaxPreps, Dittmer stands 6 feet and 4 inches tall and 195 lbs. Moreover, he attends Nevada High School and plays basketball and football for Nevada, and he will graduate in 2022.

Who Are Ty Dittmer Parents?

The name of Ty Dittmer's parents is unknown.

As the athlete has not shared information about his personal life, the identity of his father and mother has remained a mystery.

Moreover, Dittmer has not shared any posts with his family on social media platforms, so we don't know who they might be. Maybe, the high schooler will introduce them formally to the public once he turns professional in the future.

Meet Ty Dittmer On Instagram

Ty Dittmer is available on Instagram.

 Under the handle @ty_dittmer, the athlete is active on the social networking platform.

Dittmer has 1k followers with 21 posts on his Instagram account, which is likely to grow in the future. Moreover, Ty has been active on Instagram since 2016. And he has shared highlights from his matches and moments with his friends on his account.