Who Is Benjamin Robert Simon? Age And Wiki 

As per the wiki-bio of Benjamin Robert listed on youtubefandom, the age of Benjamin Robert Simon is 24 years. 

The YouTuber was born in the United States on May 12, 1997. Meanwhile, he currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

On August 28, 2010, Benjamin created his first video and posted it to YouTube. However, he did not achieve widespread recognition until 2018.

Benjamin's first youtube video on Roblox Games Experiences, titled "The Roblox Hospital Experience," was uploaded on YouTube in 2018. Nobody could have predicted that this video would become the second most-watched video on YouTube.

Ruben Sim previously created a sardonic series of videos called ROBLOX Watch, in which he ridiculed and mocked the Roblox moderation team. 

As a result, a number of his accounts were dismissed. In addition, his older videos are no longer available for viewing.

Benjamin Robert Simon aka Ruben Sim Net Worth

Benjamin Robert Simon, aka Ruben Sim, has a net worth of $342,000, according to the data published by statsmash.

When it comes to Benjamin's YouTube earnings, he earns over $10,000 each month, with occasional increases exceeding $20,000. 

On the other hand, in addition to making YouTube videos, he also develops games. Ruben Sim is one of the developers of the Roblox game Runker 51, which is premised on the 2019 Storm Area 51 event.

As a result, it's clear that Ruben makes a lot of money through YouTube. Nevertheless, his other jobs, aside from the video-sharing site, have also resulted in an increase in his net worth.

Benjamin Robert Simon Lawsuit: What Did The YouTuber Do? 

Roblox filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Robert Simon for briefly closing down a conference with phony terrorism threats.

The gaming content creator was charged by the Roblox Corporation for violating its user agreement and anti-hacking regulations.

Simon has been banned for several years due to a long history of disagreements and confrontations between the individual and the company.

Meanwhile, he still manages to gain access to the platform by hacking and by using other people's accounts.

Currently, Roblox is seeking $1.6 million in compensation for the damages done by Ruben Sim.