Who Is Leavexomarymalone TikTok? Real Name Mary Magdalene

Leavexomarymalone is the TikTok user name of a model whose real name is Mary Magdalene. She is 21 years old now who gained fame for sharing numerous videos on her Instagram and Twitter handle.

Besides, Mary is an artist who uploads various clips of her art and surgery photos on TikTok, where she has gained over 344.8k followers. Furthermore, she wanted to do surgery and enhance her appearance when she was just 17.

According to the Sun, Magdalene had her first cosmetic surgery aged 21. Moreover, she also worked as a stripper. Meanwhile, Magdalene has brothers, she revealed in a podcast.

Mary Magdalene Before Surgery Instagram Photos

Mary Magdalene did surgery to enhance her look, and we can find her photos before surgery on her Instagram handle registered as @1800savemary.

Talking something about her operation, had a brow lift, fat transfer to her cheeks and lips (twice), three nose jobs, three boob jobs, twenty dental veneers and countless lip fillers.

Likewise, Magdalene had youth-promoting hyaluronic acid jabs into her cheeks many times and three Brazilian butt lifts. Reportedly, she nearly died while doing a procedure on her reproductive organ.

Mary admitted that she had to get two blood transfusions. Furthermore, she receives lots of weird words, but Mary tackles them and receives various thanks and support.

Mary Magdalene Wiki Bio

Mary Magdalene is busy with her schedule by working as a model and art. We cannot find her bio on Wikipedia despite her fame, but many sources have covered her details.

Further, Magdalene also says that she will run an art shop soon as she is passionate about it. We can find her on Instagram as @1800savemary and @marymagdalene.art.

Moreover, she has got featured in various verified news sources. Meanwhile, she is also an active user of TikTok, where her videos have collected over 3.5 million likes.