Who Is Puchi Lavoe? Hector Lavoe Wife And Son

Puchi Lavoe was known as the celebrity spouse, especially the wife of Hector Lavoe. They shared a son named Hector Jr., born on September 25, 1969.

Puchi, nickname Nilda Lavoe, worked for a voice-over recording. The couple was in deep love. She was a young woman with arched eyebrows. 

As reported on FaceBook, Hector fell in love with the lady and followed him to every concert. The couple lived their relationship based on love and hate. Both of them solved the problems and arguments.

After Hector's demise, Puchi was set to make a documentary film about his husband. Sadly, she couldn't finish it because of her death.

Puchi Lavoe Death Cause-When Did She Die?

Puchi Lavoe passed away by falling out of the window in her apartment.

Reportedly, she died during the processing of a movie about her expired husband Hector's life. The film was entitled El Cantante, in which Jennifer Lopez was working with her.

She fell accidentally out of a 14 stored window of her apartment. However, head trauma ruled over her death. 

Additionally, the lady suffered from a dead trauma of her son and husband. Her husband passed away due to AIDS. At the same time, it is recorded that her son was killed by his friend.

Puchi Lavoe Wikipedia Bio-Who Is She?

Netizens are searching for Puchi Lavoe on Wikipedia for her bio.

As her husband is flooding on Twitter, she also comes into the limelight. Unfortunately, she is not available on Wikipedia. Whereas her husband Hector has been featured.

Puchi was a supportive wife who fell in love with Hector for his voice and singing. She was always present by his side in all problems and circumstances.

In 1979, Hector depressed deeply and relapsed to a rehabilitation center. He survived attempting suicide and came back to the music industry. 

The supportive lady was on the way to directing a film based on her husband's biography, but she died by slipping.