Who Is Serge-Junior Martinsson Ngouali?

Serge-Junior Martinsson Ngouali is a football midfielder who plays for the Gabonese national team and the creation club HNK Gorcia. He is one of the standout players in this edition of the AFCON. 

Among the talented squad of the Gabonese talents. he is without a doubt one of the most talented players on his team. With their captain unable to play currently, the national team suffers a very heavy loss, and the resulting pressure is dissipated to everyone in the team including Serge.

But the team is making a very solid case for themselves, they are giving fierce performances and the fans are very proud of their commitment. 

Serge-Junior Martinsson Ngouali Parents 

Serge's parents were residents of Sweden when Serge was born but because of their Gabonese roots, he was able to represent the African country on international stages. He was born and brought up in the Gothenburg region of the European country. 

His father came from Gabonese roots while his mother was born in Sweden. He began his footballing career in Sweden and even represented them at the u19 stages and when the Gabonese national team called for his help, he decided to join them. 

Serge-Junior Martinsson Family

Serge spent most of his early life with his small family in Sweden. His family contains his parents and his twin brother as well. 

He started playing football alongside his twin brother Tom Martinsson Ngouali from a young age. He used to play for local clubs before finally getting the opportunity to sign a professional contract with big clubs.

Coming from mixed international roots. Serge found home in two different countries as he got to represent the Swedish U19  national team and the Gabonese national team as well. As of now, he is already a national team hero in Gabon on the back of his impressive performances. 

Serge-Junior Martinsson Relationship Status Explored

Serge's personal life is slightly unexplored as of now because there are a lot of details we are unknown of, his relationship status is one of them. As the footballer rises to fame at an exponential rate, we will get to know more and more about the athlete. 

His relationship status is unknown as of now as he is not on social media, not by his own name at least.